Quiet On Set - Kit (BMD 20x20 or 12x12 Videohub mod)


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Quiet On Set - Kit (BMD 20x20 Videohub mod) Expand

The Quiet On Set Kit is a NEBTEK custom mod for the Blackmagic Design 20x20 videohub

*1/2" space above the Videohub is recommended for airflow

NOTE: The modification is completely non-destructive and the resulting modified router runs cooler than the original product. Please indicate if this is for 12x12 or 20x20. The mod is simple to install and is completely reversible.

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Earlier revisions of the BMD videohub did not have a fan of any kind. The Black magic 20x20 and 12x12 Videohubs have fans that are quite normal for rack mounted equipment. If you need to work on set near microphones that hear everything we can reduce the sound level of the fan. It also makes the video hub a 12v dc powered device!

The Quiet On Set Kit was built specifically to allow 12 volt powering of the videohub and to reduce fan noise. Quiet is achieved by adding two 14 dBa (between breathing and whisper level sound level) fans with fluid dynamic bearings to an all-new top panel built by NEBTEK. The fans cool the internal temperatures to the same temperature as the stock fans, but with a reduction in noise.

This modification includes an upper panel with pre-installed fans for easy installation, requiring the user to remove the old panel and fans from the Videohub and adding our modified panel by plugging the fans into their corresponding connections and reinstalling the top panel. For sufficient cooling, we strongly recommend that you leave at least 1/2 rack unit space above the Videohub unit.

The kit comes with a custom power cable as well as an AC/DC 60W 12V power Supply with modified 4 pin XLR cable end. No soldering is required, installation is as easy as unplugging a cable inside the hub and plugging the new one in. The installation demo below will show you how to install both the DC power cable and fan modifications.


  • Reduces noise caused by stock fans
  • Allows Videohub to run off of DC power (optional)
  • Easy to install (see video below)


NOTE: The modification is completely non-destructive and the resulting modified router runs cooler than the original product. Please indicate if this is for 12x12 or 20x20. The Modification is easy to install and is completely reversible. The router can be put back in factory condition in minutes.

Please call for more information.

  1. Remove top panel from Videohub
  2. Disconnect old fans (3) from the circuit board connectors
  3. Connect new fan to circuit board
  4. Replace the new top panel
  5. Please provide at least 1/2"  unit gap above the Videohub for best performance


CompatibilityBlackmagic Design 20x20 Videohub
Cooling2 x Nebtek Lighting Fans - cooling the same as stock fan
Power Options ModPower Supply AC/DC 60W 12V with modified 4 Pin XLR female cable end
  • Videohub cover, powder-coated, with 2x Nebtek Lightning Fans pre-installed
  • 4pin XLR Male Cable end
  • Power Supply AC/DC 60W 12V with modified end


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