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Freakshow HD’s signature battery powered distribution amplifier is all grown up. Our 1x4 12Gb 4k re-clocking DA has 12 hours of continuous usage and the ability to extend 3Gb cable runs up to an amazing 800 feet and 12Gb/4K cable runs up to 250 feet.

Model NumberFRK-FS1X4BPDA
Inputs1x12G/ 6G/ 3G/ 1.5G/ 270Mb - Auto-selectable SDI, 1xBNC
Outputs(same as above, but with proper number of outputs for each device), equalization and re-clocking
Battery12 Hour rechargeable lithium ion battery Battery indication button
Cable Re-clocking and Equalization(all with 1694A belden-divide by half for 1505 Belden): 75 meters (246ft) at 12G, 100 mts (328ft) at 6G, 220 mts (722ft) at 3G, 265 mts (870ft) at HD, 530 mts (1740ft) at SD
Input Return Loss-8dB at 12G, -9dB at 6G, -13dB at 3G, -18dB HD/SD
Output Return Lossreturn loss -6dB at 12G, -8.5dB at 6G, -15dB at 3G, -23dB at HD/SD
Formats4K 12G-SDI, Ultra 4K 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, 1.5G-SDI, 270Mb-SDI. Meets and exceeds SMPTE-424, SMPTE-292, SMPTE-259


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