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The NEBTEK microLite HD System is a highly portable professional grade MPEG 4 COFDM HD wireless camera transmission link capable of providing high-quality video at distances over two mile line of sight*. Developed for the new generation of HD capable compact cameras, the NEBTEK microLite System is available in either licensed or unlicensed bands. Demanding videographers choose the NEBTEK microLite HD link when they require the highest quality video without breakup or pixelation.

The microlite is available a’ la carte or in preconfigured application specific kits. The kits are designed giving the operator the ability to set up quickly and to cover wide area with long range wireless transmission.

At the heart of the NEBTEK microLite, HD system is the microLite HD Transmitter whose size, weight and performance makes it ideal for UAV, sports, live newsgathering, reality-based programs, EFP/OB, point-of-view and any type of live event coverage. The NEBTEK microLite HD Transmitter now comes in three camera mounting versions - the standard Hot-Shoe and optional Gold Mount or V-Mount. The NEBTEK microLite HD has a friendly local user interface. Twelve easily selected presets make it simple to change channels and other operating parameters on the fly. The included Windows-based graphical user interface simplifies preset programming. The NEBTEK microLite Receiver is a dual diversity COFDM receiver that uses maximal ratio combining technology to enable the microLite system to support Line-of-Sight (LOS) as well Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) applications. The microLite receiver comes in an ultra small, self-contained package perfect for discrete installations. With no block down converters and complicated interconnects, the microLite has been adopted where quick, reliable, and simple usage is required. The NEBTEK microLite Receiver features MPEG-4/ MPEG-2 autodetect video and embedded audio decoding. This technology provides a highly reliable decode solution in demanding portable applications.


  • Broadcast quality video
  • 5.8GHz non-licensed bands.
  • Light weight
  • MPEG4 H.264 part 10
  • Transmitter Hot Shoe mount
  • Receiver Tripod mount
  • SD/HD-SDI + Embedded Audio
  • 12 configurable presets
  • Very low power
  • Video, audio and telemetry data
  • IP Streaming Receiver
  • Ethernet Stream Grab and record


  • (1) Soft case with plenty of extra storage
  • (1) 58microLite HD mini Tx
    • omni antenna—SMA-RP, 5dBi
    • AC Power cable w/ USB programming
    • 12” SDI cable
    • 12” Power to P‐Tap
  • (1) microLite HD Rx
    • omni antenna—SMA‐RP, 5dBi
    • 2x omni antennas—Type N 6dBi
    • AC Power cable
    • Programming adapter cable
    • Configuration cable
    • 1/4"-20 Tripod receiver

Optional Accessories

  • Transmitter
    • XLR-4 Power adapter
    • Flying lead power adapter
    • DJI Power adapter
  • Receiver
    • Anton Bauer adapter
    • V-Clip adapter
    • 5/8” Tripod receiver
    • 1/4”-20 Tripod receiver
  • *Extended range receiver antennas (Optional)
    • Anton Bauer adapter
    • Achieve 2 miles Line Of Sight
    • 2x 12dBi gain directional antennas
    • 2x Flexible adapters


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