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NEBTEK microLite Ready-to-Rent Kit Expand

Product highlights for NEBTEK microLite Ready-to-Rent Kit:

  • NEBTEK Kit built ready-to-rent
  • Over 1 mile line of sight
  • SD & HD encoding
  • 5.8 GHz 12 channel
  • 120ms latency
  • Several cable options for your transmitter
  • Several Ultralight mounts included

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Ready-to-Rent Kit

Do to popular demand, we’ve finally built a read-to-rent kit for our powerful, long range transmitter the NEBTEK microLite HD. This kit will facilitate those who own a rental house or are building equipment rentals by providing a ready-to-rent system for your clientele.  The kit provides easy mounting and power options for the transmitter/receiver and includes different power cables such as XLR, PowerTap, Fischer, Lemo 2pin & 4pin, and Hirose to power your transmitter from another device.

Power Cables

Sometimes finding the right cable to power your transmitter can hectic. That’s why we’ve included many different power cables to aide your customers while on set. These power options include powering from an ARRI ALEXA, Red Camera and popular Sony F55. We’ve also added XLR and PowerTap cables for additional power options for the Tx and Rx.

Mounting Options

NEBTEK understands that no two jobs are the same and that mounting a transmitter to a camera can be very difficult. We’ve included several Ultralight mounts and an Ultralight Kit to help with this issue.

Custom Case

For storage, NEBTEK has designed a custom case for easy storage of the entire kit. This case was custom built to house the microLite and its accessories. It was built with strong material that will protect your expensive equipment and will help facilitate your customers needs on set.

Kit Includes:

  • NEBTEK microLite Kit (includes Transmitter & Receiver)
  • (1) XLR 4-pin to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) PowerTap to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) 4-pin LEMO to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) 3-pin Fischer to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) 2-pin LEMO to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) 4-pin Hirose to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) 2-pin Panavision to microLite Tx Power Cable
  • (2) PowerTap to 2.5 plug for microLite Rx Power Cable
  • (1) 4-pin XLR to 2.5 plug for microLite Rx Power Cable
  • (1) NEBTEK Ultralight Transmitter mount assembly
  • (1) Baby Rx ¼”-20 stud
  • (1) Baby Rx ¼”-20 tapped
  • (1) Skew Planar Antenna
  • (1) Mini Antenna
  • (1) Custom built case to fit all accessories listed above
microLite ready-to-rent kit

microLite Transmitter

The microLite HD Transmitter is focused on the future of wireless video transmission. The camera mountable transmitter features SD/HD encoding in a compact lightweight package. The microLite HD can deliver 100 mQ from a package of less than 15 cubic inches.

This transmitter was designed for a new generation of HD (SDI) capable compact cameras, the Tx support video and embedded audio transmission with selectable modulation bandwidths of 6 & 8 MHz. The units size makes it ideal for POV (point of view) and reality based productions. Standard latency is less than 120ms.

Features of the microLite:

  • 5.89GHz 12 channel
  • License free
  • 11.5 ounce Tx
  • Range is over 1 mile line of sight
  • 120ms latency
  • 9.28 volt operation
  • 1.54 Amps at 12 V
  • Whisper quiet fan with silent mode
  • SD & HD encoding
  • Up to 100 mW RF output power
  • True broadcast quality video
  • MPEG4 part-10/H.264
  • Supports embedded audio & analog
  • Video, audio & user data
  • Lower power consumption


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