NX4 - True All-in-One Playback System



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The true, all-in-one Qtake System designed and manufactured by Nebtek.

  • HD, 3D, and 4K ready
  • Built for 4-camera Qtake HD (software not included in price)
  • Latest Mac Pro with 6-core processor (8-core and 12-core are additional cost)
  • 22" ELO touch monitor
  • Built for portability or to be used on a cart (sold separately)
  • VA-Mixer includes line & amplified outs, headphone, mixer and talkback

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Designed, manufactured and perfected by experts at Nebtek, the NX4 is the next generation all-in-one Qtake Video Assist System for the future of the industry. The NX4 is the ultimate 4-camera, 4K system, built by industry professionals who understand the needs of the playback professional while on set. NEBTEK has been manufacturing Qtake machines for over 10 years now with feedback from the professionals around the world and we believe the NX4 is the superior digital video recorder for onset video assist.

Nebtek's 4-camera, 5RU powerhouse system combines maximum portability with versatility. The custom designed aluminum chassis provides power distribution, video wiring, audio wiring, and cooling, all professionally made. We've improved our systems to provide better cooling and DC power distribution throughout the entire machine. No more Geffen's, the system is now using the new and improved QOD+ from In2core for distribution. QOD+ converts DisplayPort Output to four SDI outputs supporting all standard frame rates. 

For those who enjoy a keyless system, the NX4 includes a 22" Touchscreen monitor with 178-degree total H+V viewing angles. Adjusting your viewing angle is easy with the NX4, all monitors are built with a collapsible stand that will also collapse into a flat surface for shipping purposes.

Pelican Shipping Case Included

All NX4's include a Pelican with custom foam cutouts for added protection when shipping your system.

The NX4 is built with the newest 6-core Apple Mac Pro systems. You can customize the system if you need more processing power with the 8-core or 12-core Mac Pro (additional cost, please call NEBTEK for quotes). Mac Pros have a 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor with 16b 1855MHz DDR3 ECC memory and include the Dual AMD FirePro D500 (3GB). Qtake must run on a 6-core system.

The NX4 includes:

  • 6-core Mac Pro with 16GB RAM and dual AMD FirePro D500 and 256GB storage with Applecare
  • 2 AJA Io 4K
  • AJA Kumo 16x16 router with control panel
  • Nebtek VA Mixer
  • In2core QOD+
  • 8TB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 hardware RAID, using WD RE drives
  • 22" Touchscreen monitor with 178 deg total H+V viewing angles, including collapsable stand
  • ESI USB Audio Interface
  • Pelican case with custom foam cut-outs for transporting your NX4


Qtake HD is an advanced software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera.

Qtake HD is the preferred tool of many video operators around the globe. It is updated on a regular basis using valuable input from real production environments to bring you the best in HD Digital Video Assist.

This powerful, but easy-to-learn system integrates every aspect of modern video assist into a single solution. Extensive logging capabilities, rapid shot selection with tree-based visual browser, simple and intuitive non-linear editor, media import and export, real-time overlay with blending keying and wipe... and so much more. HDx2 version provides advanced stereoscopy features: live 3D processing, 3D playback, and 3D editing.

Qtake is sold separately and is not included in the NX4 price.

Model NumberNEBTEK NX4 - Qtake System
Dimensions19.5"x15"(with monitor collapsed)x19" (5RU only - does not include cart dimensions)
  • 6-Core Apple Mac Pro
  • 2 AJA IoXT
  • AJA Kumo 16x16 router
  • NEBTEK VA-Mixer
  • In2Core QOD+
  • 8TB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 Hardware RAID
  • 22" Touchscreen Monitor
  • Pelican case

Side Panel

  • 4 SDI Camera Input
  • 4 Monitor SDI Output
  • 1 Ethernet
  • 1 XLR Audio Input
  • 2 DVR XLR Input/Output Stations
  • 3 Monitor Output with Speakon Connection

Back Panel  - Top Row

  • 4 SDI Inputs
  • 8 SDI Outputs

Bottom Row - Two Options

Option One:

  • 1 AC Input with 12V Output
  • 1 Monitor 3 output
  • Intercom 

Options Two:

  • 1 AC Input with 12V Output
  • 3 Monitor Outputs
SoftwareApple Mac Pro -iOS
QTAKE HD (sold separately)
Weight80 lbs (weight may vary depending on customization of system)
MaterialChassis: Milled, anodized aluminum


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