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QTAKE is an advanced software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera.


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What is QTAKE?

QTAKE is an advanced software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera.

QTAKE is the preferred tool of the most wanted video operators around the globe. It is updated on a monthly basis using valuable input from real production environment to bring you the best in Digital Video Assist.

This powerful, but easy to learn system, integrates every aspect of modern video assist into the single solution. Extensive logging capabilities, rapid shot selection with tree-based visual browser, simple and intuitive non-linear editor, media import and export, realtime overlay with blending, keying and wipe… and much more. HDx2 version provides advanced stereoscopy features: live 3D processing, 3D playback and 3D editing.

Take your video assist services to a new level.

How it works?

QTAKE runs on Mac OS X using latest software and hardware technology available from Apple, Inc. It uses QuickTime-based movie files so you can share your media across QuickTime compatible applications, such as Final Cut Pro.

QTAKE uses video hardware from AJA and Matrox to capture Standard or High Definition video, audio and timecode information. Each clip is captured to a high speed media storage and can be retrieved instantly for playback, editing or compositing. Using extensive meta-data, QTAKE improves project workflow far beyond regular video assist.

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Monitor FAQ

What is the difference between the Stream module and the Copra module?

COPRA allows ipad clients to access and playback h.264 files recorded by Qtake. This is very handy for Script and VFX to pull up shots without interrupting the qtake operator. It is Playback only! No Live. And you need a Mac Pro to record H.264 simultaneously. Qtake Monitor will only monitor the Qtake in live or playback but the iPad client cannot initiate a playback from your folder like Copra.

What hardware do I need to use this?

No additional hardware is needed if you have a good wifi network in place.

Do I need Teradek Cube?

For input from a cube only! The Cube is not used for monitoring to ipads. The stream module was originally written to allow the Mac to receive and record, picture in the Qtake from a Teredek Cube TX without the need for a Teredek Cube RX. This function is still there but there is some delay from the camera to Qtake using this method.

What is the Range?

This will depend on the range of your wifi network you are on.

What if there is no WiFi available?

You can easily setup a wifi router and create a private network which I am recommending anyway so that the only traffic on your network is the Qtake Monitors. The better the router and it's antennas the better your network will be.

What is the price of the stream module?


Will it work with my earlier version of Qtake?
No.  You need to update to the latest version. v1.1.045 released today.  And update your AJA Drivers to 10.4.9 for ioXT and to 10.4.5  for Kona 3 and 3G cards.

Is there sound to the Ipad Speaker?

No. It is a one-way talkback from the ipad you choose to listen to.

Do I need the latest computer for this to work?

No. There are settings to reduce the picture quality for slower machines and for slower networks.


Here are some of the most Frequently asked questions we recieve, if you cannot find your answer here please feel free to send us your question by email to [email protected]

How much is QTAKE software?

How do I install QTAKE?

How do I register my Dongle?


Q: How Much Delay is there in QTAKE?

A: 2.5 frames.  2 frames through the Various AJA products for video input to the computer. .5 frames delay thru the triple head to go to the Gefen dual SDI scaler.


Q: Will there be more delay if I chose to output from the Kona card instead of the GPU?

A: Yes. about 5-6 frames of delay if you use SDI out for processed live output.


Q: Do I have to use the DVI out to output from QTAKE?

A: No. You can use the Video cards output .

Q: Is a Macbook fast enough to run 2 cameras in QTAKE?


There is slightly more delay using BMD hardware and they do not support SDI flag support for several cameras.
Qtake ingests video using the capture cards and can output using the capture card if you have 2 of the capture boards. 
While some customers choose to do this. the problem with this approach is the added latency. 
GPU out in Qtake works by creating a secondary dispay in Qtake
HDX1 1920 x 1080
HDX2 3840 x 1080
HDX4 3840 x 2160
Input latency = 2 frames using AJA and more using BMD. Assuming using 1080p23.967
Matrox Triple head to go splits the 3840 x 1080 display into 2 Display ports at 1920 x 1080 each
The Gefen scaler is the best device to convert this signal using DVI to SDI scaling.
Matrox can only be set to the output frequency of the mac. This has been the only viable option and the one used by a majority of Qtake owners up till now. 
Output using the GPU out via Matrox triple head to go and Gefen scaler combo = .5 frame  1080i60 (or 59.94)
On close inspection Video has some smoothness issues because of the added frames.
QOD is a direct conversion from Display Port to 4 SDI ports
Outuput Using QOD in 1080i60 = 1 frame
Outuput Using QOD in using frequency 1080p23.976 = 2 frames
QOD output is perfectly smooth to match input from the camera.

Choose Your QTAKE Modules

Base + Dongle 
Capture & Playback, Clip Database, Realtime 3D LUT, CC, DVE, Grid, Mask, OSD
Single Track NLE
Realtime 2 layers composite, Blue/Greenscreen Keyer, Wipe, Blend
Fullscreen processed DVI output in live or disk mode
Export Final Cut Pro XML, EDL
Connect 2 or more systems for synchronized capture & playback
Dual camera capture & playback, Stereoscopy
Four camera capture, playback and live editing (requires X2 module)
Auto-export to DNxHR in background
Realtime 3D rendering with MoCo support
Capture and playback in 4K (single channel)
Dual 3D muxed capture & playback (4x HD-SDI)
Stream content of QTAKE Views to 16 iOS devices
Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram
Color-grading eects, LUT generator, external LUT-box support


Base + Dongle, Edit, Composite, Output, Export, Link
Base + Dongle, Edit, Composite, Output, Export, Link, X2
Base + Dongle, Edit, Composite, Output, Export, Link, X2, X4
The most affordable dual camera QTAKE

*QTAKE LITE can only be upgraded to QTAKE HDx2 or QTAKE HDx4 by paying the price dierence. QTAKE LITE features : Dual channel SD/HD recording, Camera triggered auto-record, Camera metadata capture, Synced Playback of two clips, Reverse playback, Loop playback, Frame By Frame playback, Variable speed playback, Multiple IN/OUT markers, Chapter markers with titles, Tree-based visual clip browser, Table-based clip list browser, Clip Metadata, Camera Metadata, Shot Metadata, Clip Notes, Camera Media Filename, Import Quicktime video files, Import AVI video files, Import WAV audio files, Import JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF image files, Export PDF Report, Screenshots, DVE, On Screen Display, Still Mix, Demux & Quad, SDI video card playback, SDI video card live processed output, Master/Slave Remote Control, BMD Videohub Direct Control, BMD Videohub Presets.


Choose Your License Plan

One-time payment of full price. Client obtains a permanent license and a dongle. Combination of permanent license and dongle allows you to use QTAKE on any machine (license combined with dongle is computer-ID independent).Pay 10 % of the price during 11 consecutive months (paying 110 % of the product price). After this period you will obtain permanent license incl. dongle. Missing any of the 11 consecutive payments will switch all your past rent-to-own payments to a rental. During the 11 months, you will receive monthly licenses valid from the 1st day of the particular calendar month. These monthly licenses are computer-ID dependent. Not available for QTAKE LitePay 10 % of the price during selected number of months. You will receive monthly licenses, which are computerID-dependent. No dongle shipping.
100% At Once10% Per Month10% Per Month

Additional Applications

QTAKE SERVER                                                                                                             $300 USD PER MONTH

Metadata collaboration system specialized for on-set use with iPad or iPhone. Tight integration with QTAKE Video Assist software allows instant review of each take by any department to supply valuable data for your production workflow.

Other Services


QTAKE Training

Get familiar with QTAKE during the 4-hours workshop with our trained sta. Individual or group training. Price excludes travel expenses and accommodation.

$1000 USD Per Day

Replacement Dongle

If your dongle stopped working and it is not destroyed or heavily damaged (level of damage must allow verification of the dongle's origin), send us your dongle and we will ship you a new one for a fee.



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Points must be used within 365 days after the points have been issued. Any points not used within the 365 days will be lost.

*Points do not apply to Qtake systemsQtake HD Software, QOD+ or cart systems. 

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