Apollo and NEBTEK Power Bracket Bundle


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Apollo and NEBTEK Power Bracket Bundle Expand

NEBTEK’s Power Bracket bundled with Apollo monitor/recorder includes:

  • Convergent Design Apollo
  • NEBTEK Power Bracket
  • Dual battery plates with choice of Sony L, Sony M, Sony BPU, Canon, Panasonic or JVC (Anton Bauer or V-Mount IDX cost additional)
  • 6xBNC Jack and mini HD BNCs

Compatible with Samsung SSD:

  • 256GB(+$225) 
  • 512GB(+$395)
  • 1TB (+$695)

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Due to high demand, Apollo may take 24-48 hours to ship. Please contact NEBTEK for availability.

NOTE: NEBTEK’s Odyssey7 Cage and Bracket are compatible with the Convergent Design Odyssey7, Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo device.

NEBTEK’s Power Bracket bundled with the new Odyssey7Q+ monitor/recorder includes:

  • Convergent Design Apollo
  • NEBTEK Power Bracket (handles, stand, NEBTEK Power Cage)
  • Dual battery plates with choice of Sony L, Sony M, Sony BPU, Canon, Panasonic or JVC or optional IDX or Anton Bauer (IDX and AB cost additional)
  • 6 x BNC Jack and mini HD BNC cables built by NEBTEK

NEBTEK Power Bracket

The Power Bracket allows you to power your Apollo with a dual battery plate options such as Sony L, Sony M, Sony BPU, Canon, Panasonic and JVC (included in offer). For an additional cost you can upgrade to an IDX or Anton Bauer power bracket.

For video support, 6 BNC bulkhead adapters are included on the back and front of bracket stand to make connecting BNC cables quick and easy to the bottom of your bracket.

The bracket includes removable handles for portability and a desk stand to be placed on a flat surface or c-stand compatible mount. For even more mounting options, ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 threaded holes are located along the bottom and both sides of the cage to open your monitor to a world of mounting possibilities.


  • Modular design allows for removable handles and stand
  • BNC bulkhead connectors for routing cables out of the back of stand
  • Bundle includes Dual battery options for Sony L, Sony M, Sony BPU, Canon, Panasonic & JVC

Convergent Apollo

Apollo is a portable multichannel monitor/recorder/switcher that can simultaneously record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch, or a quad-split reference view. Separate ‘Preview’ and ‘Program’ outputs allow you to monitor on set while using Apollo’s touch screen for simple switching with cut or dissolves. Play back in perfect sync while toggling cameras. All of this functionality in a unit the size of a small tablet and capable of battery power for the ultimate portability.


  • 7.7” OLED (1280x800 resolution) with Comprehensive monitoring tools
  • Lightweight, rugged and design
  • Upgradeable Recording Options
  • Reliable, affordable SSD media (New Samsung SSD's available)
  • Extensive playback controls
  •  Four HD Streams
  •  Switched or Quad View
  •  Image Analysis Tools
  •  Custom 3D-LUTs
  •  SDI and HDMI I/O
  •  Apple ProRes Format
  •  Four HD + Quad/Live
  •  Quad 1080p60/Dual 4K text-icon-new.png
  •  Single File
  •  SSD Media
  •  Embedded Audio
  •  No Genlock Required
  •  Touchscreen Interface
  •  2x SDI/1x HDMI Output
  •  XML EDL for Post
  •  Compact/Lightweight
  •  Switched or Quad View
  •  Output to HDMI/SDI
  •  Intuitive Controls
  •  Playlist/Scrubbing
  •  Clip Markers



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