5.8 Axis Mini "B" Transmitter Kit

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5.8 Axis "Cine-Mini" Transmitter Kit Expand

5.8 Axis "Cine-Mini" System. This kit includes:

  • 5.8GHz "Mini B" TX - H.264 Encoding, Ultra Low Delay, A/B Mount
  • 5.8GHz 6dbi Flex Omni
  • 2way "Mini" Throw Down Diversity RX w/ H.264 Decoder
  • 5.8GHz 12dbi Sector High Gain Antenna

More details

The AXTX1 Mini "B" Transmitter from Wave Central is an SD/HD COFDM digital video transmitter specifically design to mount directly onto most cameras that use Anton Bauer or IDX battery plates, and allowing the battery to power both units.

The Unit is designed to integrate with almost any camera system from full size to smaller camera systems. This transmitter accepts all of the popular format and frame rates, including 2398 or 24fps, as well as truly progressive 24P or 25P.

The AXTX1 Mini utilizes very efficient AVC MPEG4 H.264 compression, Ultra Low Delay, and low power consumption. Outstanding picture quality and very robust data rates are possible using 40% lower bit rates than conventional MPEG2 systems, enabling high-quality HD transmission within a single 8MHz DVB-T channel and using a lower order of modulation to do so. This unit can transmit images in a non-line of sight environment, over 1/2 mile.

Designed to offer maximum flexibility in today's crowded RF spectrum, the AXTX1 Mini is frequency agile and available in both licensed as well as unlicensed frequencies. The Mini will accept SD/HD-SDI, HDMI or Composite Video inputs, on a standard sized BNC connectors, as well as two channels of embedded audio. The unit will also accept to analog or AES embedded audio. The unit will also accept two analog or AES audio channels on a single 5P LEMO connector. ASI in or out is also available, making this a"mini-sizes" MPEG4 encoder.

The AXTX1 Mini transmitter has an integrated OLED control panel (just like the AXTX1 full sized TX unit), which mean all the unit's functions can be controlled from the OLED panel, no PC is required to change parameters or the channel. 

The Mini has a "hard" on/off switch, as well as a fan control button which will allow the unit to operate for extended periods without the fan being engaged. The transmitter will accept either external DC power, via 4P LEMO, or mounting a miniature Canon BP type battery on the rear.


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