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NEBTEK VA Mixer - Problem Solved!

Built to work with the NEBTEK NX2 or NX8 video production system. It is also available as a stand-alone system for integration into your own system.
Due to an unexpected volume of sales recently, the VA-Mixer is on back order for 4-6 weeks. Call for availability.

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The NEBTEK VA Mixer is the long awaited on-set audio solution for video assist operators. It integrates with our QTAKE NX2 and NX8 systems, rack mount QTAKE systems, as well as most other common digital video recorders (such as a PIX240i, NEBTEK Lightning, or Raptor). It is primarily an audio distribution system that includes talk-back and listening capability.

The VA Mixer allows input to be sent to up to 4 DVR’s where each DVR can be switched individually to the output monitors. The headphone mixer allows the user to mix 1, 2, or all 3 intercom inputs as well as the selected DVR and the line input to your headphones.

The professional quality of the mixer makes for an enjoyable work experience. With its de-popping of the talk-back mic, professional compression and limiting circuits, this is the solution we have been waiting for.



  • Live-level balanced input [XLR input], commonly used as sound mixer input
  • Four channel distribution [RCA output], commonly used for recorders (up to four)
  • Five-position DVR output selector switch for live pass-through and up to 4 recorders [RCA input]
  • Outputs for up to three speakers. Three 1/4” TRS mono outputs carry amplified audio for passive speakers, three RCA output carry line level output for powered speakers (speakers not included)
  • Individually adjustable levels for the three output speakers
  • Intercom for talk-back to 1, 2 or all 3 speakers (using built-in microphone)
  • Inputs for up to three set microphones [RCA], commonly called listeners. Must be line level (microphones not included)
  • Headphone jack [Stereo 1/4” TRS]
  • Headphone volume level adjustment
  • Headphone mixer for all sources : Intercoms 1, 2 and 3, live line-in from sound mixer and selected DVR
  • Built-in speaker with level adjustments independent of the headphone level
  • All professional audio circuits with mic de-popping and built-in limiting and compression for comfortable listening
  • Mute button w/GPI trigger [4-pin Hirose]
  • 12 Volt power input (2.5mm input with locking ring)
Inputs(1) XLR (balanced), (3) RCA for line-level microphone, (4) RCA for line-level DVR inputs, (1) 4-pin Hirose GPI
Outputs(3) 1/4” Speaker jacks, 20W x 3, (3) RCA, line-level speaker outputs, (4) RCA, line-level DVR outputs
ControlIndividual level adjustments for 3 set monitors stations as well as headphone and speaker level
Power12V 60W AC/DC switching regulator
MaterialAnodized aluminum
Dimensions10.5” x 8.75” x 1.75”
Weight2.2 lbs


  1. VA Mixer unit
  2. Power supply
  3. Rackmount brackets


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